Dog Daycare

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Dog Daycare in Historic Leawood/Prairie Village, Downtown/Crossroads Kansas City, & Westport/West Plaza

Most dogs are social animals. They crave human interaction, socialization with other dogs, and need exercise. If you’re off at work; or busy at school, and your dog is home alone, they’re probably pretty bored. We are here to provide a fun, clean, safe, and cage-less environment for your dog to get the exercise and socialization they crave.

  • Separate size and breed play N stay spaces.
  • Different play N stay spaces for small, medium and large dogs at all locations.
  • Fully staffed 24-hours a day.
  • We oversee each play space – playing with the dogs, cleaning, interacting with the dogs (dog kisses), and using behavioral training techniques to keep the environment calm.
  • Doggie Daycare Savings Passes that can save you money.
  • Convenient curb-side drop-off and pick-up.
  • Outdoor, fresh-air walks several times a day.
  • Clean floors and beds.
  • Open-door crates if your dog wants some alone time.

Dog Daycare Pricing:

Full Day: $25 ($18 on weekends)

Half Day (5 hrs or less): $20 ($15 on weekends)

Dog Daycare Savings Passes:

Full Days:

10-Full Day Plays: $230 ($20 savings)

20-Full Day Plays: $440 ($60 savings)

30-Full Day Plays: $640 ($110 savings)

Half Days (5 hrs or less):

10-Half Day Plays: $165 ($35 savings)

20-Half Day Plays: $310 ($90 savings)

30-Half Day Plays: $435 ($165 savings)

First time here?

For first-timers, we have a “New Dog Introduction Procedure”. We place your dog in a small area next to their designated play area so they can get use to the smells and sounds. Depending on the dog and the breed, the introduction period varies. We have found this technique helps out with the new anxiety jitters.

We also encourage half-day play days so your dog can get used to staying with us before they stay for an extended period of time. During this time, we are able to better understand your dog’s behavior and tendencies – making everyone comfortable and your dog’s stay with us safer.

Spay/Neuter Policy: We required dogs over 6 months old to be spayed or neutered.

Required Vaccinations: Written proof from your veterinarian of current Rabies, DHLPPC and Bordetella (every 6 months) is required in order for your dog to stay with us.

What our clients are saying about our doggie daycare services

  •  I take Barkley there a minimum of 3 times a week and often 4 times. He actually runs for the back door in the morning as he knows it’s time to go to Dog Pawz. He pulls me to get in the door to go back and play.

    John R., Kansas City MO
  •  Thanks Dog Pawz for entertaining my puppy. This winter has been brutally cold and thanks to your amazing space – with lots of great dogs, my Shafer can play and socialize. Thanks for exhausting the little guy. We love you!

    Amanda R., Kansas City MO
  •  Super impressed with their staff and facility. I don’t think my dogs wanted to come home when I picked them up. The staff is just who you want watching your pets. Very professional, friendly, and really care about what they’re doing. I highly recommend Dog Pawz.

    A happy doggie daycare client
We provide cageless dog daycare for small, medium, and large dogs. Daycare dogs are able to play with fellow daycare dogs and our Dog Care Attendants (Humans) throughout the day. Being cageless, if your dog is tired of playing and needs a nap, they can freely lay on a dog bed or go into an open-door dog kennel. We believe giving your dog the freedom to do what they want mirrors their home life (as much as possible). We love dogs, and if we were one, we wouldn’t want to be locked in a dog kennel all day. Throughout the day your dog will be walked several times during the daycare stay. Convenient drop-off and pick-up services are available for dog daycare clients at the Historic Leawood KS location (at Somerset Dr & Lee Blvd) – the Downtown Kansas City/Crossroads Arts District location (at W 19th St & Central St) – and the Westport/West Plaza location (at Westport Road and Genessee St.).