• Cage-less Dog Boarding

    Fully-staffed 24-hours a day • Walks every 2-3 hours • Clean floors & beds • Enough room to play and sleep wherever your dog wants to • Interaction with people both day and night


  • Doggie Daycare

    A combined 12,000 sq. ft. of play N stay spaces • 40+ employees trained and knowledgeable in dog behavior • Over half certified in Pet CPR • Passes available with savings of $15 - $140 a month


  • Professional Dog Grooming

    Full-service grooming for all breeds & sizes • Self-serve dog wash • All-natural Nature’s Specialities shampoo & conditioner • Professional drying equipment • Nail trims • Ear cleaning • Anal glands


  • Dog Food, Treats, Bones, Toys, Collars & Leashes

    Nutrisource Dog Food • Zuke’s Dog Treats • Local Vendors • Bully Sticks • All-natural Bones • Nylon & designer collars & leashes



Cage-less Dog Boarding Kansas City

Cage-less Dog Boarding

A truly “cage-less” boarding experience in enough open space your dog can play how much they want and sleep wherever they choose…


Doggie Daycare Kansas City

Doggie Daycare

A combined 12,000 sq. ft. of play N stay space, with separate size and breed areas, walks every 2-3 hours, and savings passes…


Professional Dog Grooming Kansas City

Professional Dog Grooming

Providing full-service grooming for all breeds and sizes using all natural Nature’s Specialities shampoo and conditioner…


Kansas City Dog Food, Dog Treats, Dog Bones, Dog Collars & Leashes

Dog Food, Treats, Bones, Toys, Collars & Leashes

Next time you pick up your dog, don’t forget the dog food and dog treats for the month…


What our clients are saying

  • … I highly recommened Dog Pawz for grooming, play days, and overnights. We left town and had our boxer stay with them for 5 nights and she came back excited and not wanting to come home. The staff is amazing and the dogs are always well taken care of! …

    A happy cage-less dog boarding client
  • … I feel SO comfortable when I am away- I know he is in good hands here. So Instead of fearing getting dropped off for boarding; Hank gets SOOOO excited when he knows he is staying here- Dog Pawz rocks …

    A happy cage-less dog boarding client
  • … I could even choose to focus on the camera specific to her room, instead of all four cameras. What I saw surprised me… In a good way: Not only do the dogs play with each other, or nap together, or give each other kisses, but throughout the day, there are people in there actually playing with them and giving attention to the doggies as well! I know that she is receiving love while I’m away, not just safely stuck somewhere…and she looked happy. …

    A happy cage-less dog boarding client