“Cage-less” dog boarding – What does this mean?

When we say cage-less dog boarding we mean your dog won’t be in a confined area. We have crates in the play N stay spaces used only for time out or so your dog can go in and out as they please – whether to close their eyes or get some rest from playing, but the doors are always open in that case.. Crating is available upon request – but we prefer your dog be cage-free.

Are there set times we can drop off or pick up our dog?

Since we’re staffed 24-hrs a day we offer early and late pick up – we are here for you! Contact us for your specific dog’s needs and we will make it happen.

** NOTE: A $38 NO-CALL cancellation fee for boarding! Please, if you plan to cancel your reservation, call ASAP or else you will be charged!

How do you determine what dogs should be in what play N stay areas?

Having the right mix of dogs together that keeps the spaces safe is very important for us. We won’t ever mix small and big dogs together. We have 6 different play spaces at our Downtown/Crossroads location, 4 different play spaces at our Historic Leawood/Prairie Village location, and 4 different play spaces at our Westport/West Plaza location. Each of these spaces is separated for small, medium, or large dogs and plenty of private suite spaces available. Our small dog area is pretty large at both locations and the small dogs don’t take up a lot of room, so one space at each location is normally enough for them. When it comes to the medium and large dogs, we always pay attention to make sure the space is not over-crowded and that a dog is able to go into the open crates or sit on the elevated beds if they want to get away from the rest of the group.

What do you do to ensure the safety of the dogs staying with you?

First, we will not allow dangerous dogs to stay with us. We are able to determine if a dog is going to be dangerous to the other dogs staying with us by evaluating the dog during our New Dog Introduction procedure. During our introduction procedure the new dog is placed in a private space next to their designated play N stay space to allow them to take their time to adjust to the sounds and smells of the environment and calm their anxiety jitters. Secondly, there is an employee monitoring each play N stay space. We call them Dog Care Attendants (DCAs). Among other responsibilities, this DCA is responsible for cleaning up messes and using behavioral training techniques to keep the environment calm. These training techniques have been learned from educational books and local trainers who come in and work with the staff. Third, if something were to happen, there are Pet CPR posters hanging in the play N stay spaces, and we have established relationships with emergency animal hospitals and veterinarians throughout Kansas City.

What are your private suites used for?

Our private suites are available upon request. Usually a client will ask to put their dog in the private suite if they are not social enough for the main play N stay spaces or their dog is older and they are concerned with him/her playing with other dogs.

Why aren’t there grooming prices on the website?

Since all breeds have different coats/hair, grooming prices vary. Size and how you want the dog groomed will adjust the price.  Please call 913-341-PAWZ (7299) – for the Historic Leawood/Prairie Village location or 816-471-PAWZ (7299) – for the Downtown/Crossroads location or 816-931-PAWZ (7299) – for the Westport/West Plaza location for pricing, we assure you our pricing options are very competitive.

What is your spay / neuter policy?

Dogs over 6 months of age are required to be spayed or neutered.

What vaccinations are required for my dog to stay with you?

Written proof from your veterinarian of current Rabies, DHLPPC and Bordetella (every 6 months) is required in order for your pet to stay with us.

How can I use your Doggie Cam?

You’ll need to request a login and password. You can do this during check-in or by calling 913-341-PAWZ (7299) – for the Historic Leawood/Prairie Village location or 816-471-PAWZ (7299) – for the Downtown/Crossroads location. Once you have your login and password, you’ll be able to login by clicking on the appropriate location button on the Doggie Cam page. If you have any problems or questions, don’t hesitate to call or ask. Now, our Westport/West Plaza location is setup slightly different. At check-in, please ask the front desk for instructions!