Dog Adoptions in Kansas City

We are very proud of our contributions and involvement with dog adoptions here in Kansas City. Through Great Plains SPCA, KC Pet Project, Unleashed Pet Rescue, and Wayside Waifs, we regularly foster dogs available for adoption at all three of our locations.

For the dogs we are fostering, Dog Pawz is a great environment to socialize in and make sure they are comfortable with other dogs and humans. Being here is sometimes the first time these dogs are in a cage-less environment, and we believe that this makes them more adoptable and more likely to find their forever home.

Interested in Adopting a dog or cat?

Visit Great Plains SPCA’s website by clicking here.
Visit KC Pet Project’s website by clicking here.
Visit Unleashed Pet Rescue’s website by clicking here.
Visit Wayside Waifs’ website by clicking here.

If you’re interested in learning more about the dogs we currently have at our locations, take a look at our Facebook pages:

Historic Leawood
Westport/West Plaza

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